The New Commerce Powerpoint Presenter. Show your Powerpoint Presentation or a video as a continuous loop on a TV screen, monitor or beamer with this easy to use solution.


Many people look for easy ways to show promotions or information to their visitors.

Large flat screen televisions became a lot cheaper and more available.

We offer a very easy solution, the Power Presenter!

Do you have, a shop, a waiting room, a club or community building or a restaurant?

Increase your revenue. Use a TV-screen or monitor to show a menu or special offers.


Use Microsoft PowerPoint or Open Office Impress to create a presentation.  If you want you can also play video’s on the presenter. Any flatscreen TV or computer monitor can be used as a cost effective display solution.

What does the set do? How does it work? What items are needed?

This easy and ready to run set will show a full screen self running PowerPoint presentation or a video (mp4, flv, mkv, avi) in a continuous loop on your flat screen television or monitor. You can use a standard Powerpoint presentation and copy it to the USB stick. No need for conversion to a movie or to burn it to a dvd. This product is the most simple, easy to use and cheap digital signage solution currently available.
Every Presenter is assembled and tested at our production facility before shipping.
With this set you can inform visitors in a worry free and modern way. Just use Microsoft PowerPoint  and our Presenter. The package comes complete and ready to run to your door.

Easy Operation, 3 steps:
1) Connect the Powerpoint presenter with the included HDMI cable to your TV or monitor
2) S
ave your presentation on the included USB stick
3) Plugin the poweradapter and you’re done!

Join our group of satisfied customers and show your presentations to your audience without headache! With its compact dimensions (size cigarette pack) it can easily be hidden behind your TV screen or monitor.
This system is used by our clients in shops, waiting rooms and on events on an existing TV, monitor or beamer.
The Presenter is connected to your TV screen  with the (included) HDMI cable. We can provide you with an (optional) VGA or DVI adapter cable when you want to use an older monitor with only VGA or DVI input.

All modern flat screen televisions, beamers and monitors have a HDMI connection. When in doubt let us know which screen you are planning to use. We can check your screen specifications for you and supply with an adapter cable when needed.

The main advantages of this system are:

Completely silent, reliable, no internal fan, no moving parts, economical and environmental friendly (extreme low power consumption of 1,45 watt).

Showing a Powerpoint presentation on a tv or flatscreen with the Presenter

The price?:

Just 197 US dollars, 183 euro or 158 British Pounds including sales tax for the complete set including a full 1 year warranty and support, all the cables, memory card, usb stick, manual and free overnight shipping to your door.
For customers from the United States and Europe the presenter will naturally be delivered with the appropriate adapter.

Call us for more information on telephone-number: +34 631 85 34 60 or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The technical details: The set consists of a solid state computer running the Linux operating system, the software package and a script that plays your PowerPoint presentation in an endless loop. The set can also play video’s in any modern format (mp4, mkv, flv, avi) fullscreen.
With this set to play your powerpoint presentation on a television you can show your presentation to your audience in a reliable and simple way.

Package Contents:

The Presenter Solid State Computer, Power Adapter, USB Memory Stick, SD memory card with pre-installed software and cables. Ready to Run!

Additional options:

HDMI to VGA signal adapter / converter for connection to a computer monitor with a regular VGA connector.

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